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Are your services covered or is it a private service? 

Our services are not covered by OHIP. Pricing depends on the type of care being delivered.  Contact your insurance provider to see if coverage is available.


Where can I find information on pricing? 

Contact our team at for pricing related questions. Our dedicated staff will be able to provide you with more information.  


Where do you provide services to?

We are located in York Region, Barrie, and Toronto, however accommodations can be made for locations outside of these areas.  Contact us to make accommodations and to discuss applicable travel fees.


Do you provide fertility treatment? 

No, we are an at-home nursing service administering injections for clients who are currently in the care of a fertility clinic or other health care professional. All decisions regarding the type and dosing of medications being used is the responsibility of your fertility clinic.

Question not answered? 

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