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How would you rate this clinic for medical excellence?
How would you rate this clinic for professionalism?
How would you rate this clinic for being humanistic?
How would you rate this clinic for their facility?

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Doctor & Clinic Review Submission

We are in the process of creating a page of client based reviews of CANADIAN fertility clinics and doctors. We have a form submission available here for you to submit a review of a clinic and/or doctor to improve this database.

Not sure what to talk about in the sections below? Check out our 4 pillars and feel free to elaborate. 

  1. Medical Excellence (success rates, informed with current research, cutting edge, many years of experience, innovative) 

  2. Professionalism (multiple service options, one stop shop for testing, scheduling, small wait lists, communication options, client portal logins) 

  3. Humanistic (Not treated as a number, bedside manner, feeling comfortable, listens, forthcoming with expectations, listens to needs, explanations and education, open to discussion, empathy, responsive, creative, transparency, warm, honest, approachable 

  4. Facility (location, parking, access, cleanliness, aesthetic) 

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