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We have several care options available, with various packages to choose from. When you meet with us we can discuss all the options available and customize your care plan to suit your needs. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Please note that the pricing below is in CAD. Please note that these services are limited to Ontario residents only. Contact us to learn more about thegeographical locations we serve.


Meet with us virtually or over the phone to discuss your journey through the fertility process. In this consultation, we will go over your fertility history, previous treatment plans, and help come up with a plan towards your fertility treatment goals. This may include connecting you with resources such as different health care providers that suit your needs.

 Virtual Consultation  20 min: $50 (+applicable taxes)

Medical Consultation

Injection Support

Our qualified nursing staff can administer your fertility medication injections in your home (or workplace) to help ease the stress of the treatment process. We will come to your home at a pre-scheduled time and administer your injection for you. No more worrying about whether you mixed your medication correctly or if you or your partner injected it properly! If you are not able to afford in-home visits, we also provide a virtual service, where we can guide you through your self-administered injections that is a fraction of the cost!

Single Visit Injection:  $150 (+applicable taxes)

Virtual Injection Supervision: $50 per 20 min "call"

Multiple Injections IUI Protocols: contact for pricing

Multiple Injections IVF Protocols: contact for pricing

Cycle Monitoring Support

While cycle monitoring through a fertility clinic, we can provide full cycle monitoring support. This can include a variety of services depending on your needs and location: access to phone calls and emails with one of our nurses after your clinic closes, witnessing consent forms, virtually accompanying during doctor visits, accompanying procedures, etc. Our nurses will basically be "on call" for all of your cycle support needs, while practicing within our scope. This support can be tailored to your needs and depending on how your clinic functions. 

14 day support: contact for pricing

Full Cycle Support: contact for pricing

On a Video Call
A Supportive Hug

Education & Group Support

We have education and support groups available on social media platforms to help educate and guide you through fertility, its related treatment, and more! New programs and support groups will be coming, so keep an eye on our social media platforms for announcements and updates. Also check out our online program page for our most recent program!

Other one on one education sessions are available, if you feel like you need more teaching on your IUI or IVF cycle. 

IUI Teaching 1hr: $150 (+applicable taxes)

IVF Cycle 1hr: $250 (+applicable taxes)

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